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Sharon Osbourne Tries to Earn Her Mardi Gras Beads |

Here is one I couldn’t pass up.  Recently the TV show “The Talk” did a live show from New Orleans in observance of Mardi Gras.  ET Online published an article titled “Sharon Osbourne Tries to Earn Her Mardi Gras Beads”.

Seems as if Sharon had a “really good” time while there.  Many sightings of here have been reported.  Here is a quote directly from her.  “Sharon said she was impressed with how genuine the people of New Orleans are and how they treat visitors like they are part of “the family”. I was doing it last night – if its the flashing – I was doing it, and nobody was interested.”  It then is reviled she even was doing a little flashing outside of Emeril’s restaurant, and pressing herself up against the glass while dinners could only watch and wonder……

Here is ET Online’s post: