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A Mardi Gras Vocabulary Lesson

Here is an article from a young lady that published a list of terms that only New Orleanians would know.  below are a few of the terms that she goes over. I’m going to list a few without going into great detail of what they are.

  • Carnival vs  Mardi Gras
  • King Cake
  • Krewe
  • Super Krewe
  • Sidewalk side vs Neutral Ground Side

In the article she actually goes through each of the terms and what they mean. Plus there are a couple more that I did not mention about.

One thing that did catch my eye however was her talk about king cakes. She states that it’s one of her favorite things about carnival and that one of the advantages of working in the local scene is that the office is always filled with King Cakes. now here’s the one I like, she mentioned that recently someone in the office brought in a Nutella King cake. now if you have any idea what Nutella is, picture that as a frosting or a feeling inside of a king cake. Can you say yummy?

Here’s a direct link to “a Mardi Gras vocabulary lesson” written by Haley Adams.