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Barkus Parade: Mardi Gras gone to the dogs!

I’ve never seen this one before, but there is a parade just for the dogs/puppy’s.  Its called “The Mystic krewe of Barkus”.(Oh I get it now Barkus!).  People spend some serious cash on their dog costumes too.  

The event started back in 1993 and has become one of the favorites with the locals. It goes right though the French Quarters.

Check out the link below for the full story and there is also a video there you can watch to see what this event is all about.

Photo gallery: Krewes of Carrollton and Barkus

Just mentioned in a previous post on the Krewe of Barkus parade, I came across a site with a picture slide show of both the Krewe of Carrollton parade and Krewe of Barkus.  Check it out as there are pictures of the floats, crowds and doggies.  There are 25 slides total. Oh and before I forget to mention it, after the parades grab yourself a refreshing drink and a king cake.  Thats the best way to end a parade.

Check out the slide show here:

Sharon Osbourne Tries to Earn Her Mardi Gras Beads |

Here is one I couldn’t pass up.  Recently the TV show “The Talk” did a live show from New Orleans in observance of Mardi Gras.  ET Online published an article titled “Sharon Osbourne Tries to Earn Her Mardi Gras Beads”.

Seems as if Sharon had a “really good” time while there.  Many sightings of here have been reported.  Here is a quote directly from her.  “Sharon said she was impressed with how genuine the people of New Orleans are and how they treat visitors like they are part of “the family”. I was doing it last night – if its the flashing – I was doing it, and nobody was interested.”  It then is reviled she even was doing a little flashing outside of Emeril’s restaurant, and pressing herself up against the glass while dinners could only watch and wonder……

Here is ET Online’s post:

New Orleans – From the Sky

Very nice arial view of New Orleans.  Give you an idea of where everything is located.  If you coming to Mardi Gras this year or if your here now, give this a view.


Grading the Official New Orleans Pelicans Logo | Bleacher Report

As you’re probably already aware the New Orleans Hornets will become the New Orleans pelicans next season.  Because of this they are also getting a new logo.  So far the new logo has gotten great reviews from the public, players and owners.  Here is how the logo has been graded so far:

  • Lettering – A
  • Color – A+
  • Secondary Logos – B
  • Swagger – B+
  • Overall Look and Final Grade – A

check out this article in the bleacher report and take a look at the logo if you haven’t seen it already for yourself.

LaGrange News – Twin Cedars to host Mardi Gras fundraiser Feb 2

If your looking for something to do this Saturday Feb. 2nd head on out to the Del’avant Event Center as they will be hosting a New Orleans Mardi Gras festival that will benefit the Twin Cedars Youth and Family Services.  There will be plenty of food, music and tons of fun.  The event is titled “Behind the Mask”.  The party gets started at 7pm till 11pm and feel free to dress up in your best Mardi Gras costumes.  Tickets can be purchased at the event for $50.00 or two for $95.00.

Full Event Details can be found here:–2

2013 regulations set for New Orleans Mardi Gras parades

Ever been to New Orleans for the Mardi Gras parades?  If not and you plan on attending this year, you might want to take a few moments and read through this post on NBC 33 News website.  Here you can read all the regulations set for the parades.  They list rules and laws such as:

  1. When you can drive on streets of the parade route prior to a parade.
  2. Prices for parking violations
  3. Where vehicles are not permitted and fines
  4. List of all parking violations
  5. Revenue and permit enforcement
  6. Sanitation
  7. General reminders

So come and have a good time, just don’t take any unwanted tickets/souvenirs home with you.

All rules and violations can be seen on the NBC 33 TV Site listed below:

5 free things to do in New Orleans

If you are headed to New Orleans for Mardi Gras or the Super Bowl, you will find that things can get quite expensive.  Well have no fear as we have found a post/article that tells you about 5 free things to do while visiting New Orleans.  If you have never been here, I would recommend doing all 5!  Here is a quick break down of the list.

  1. Mardi Gras and Bourbon Street
  2. Jackson Square
  3. City Park
  4. Mississippi River Ferry
  5. French Market

Simply visit the link below for more information about each location.  They will also provide you with individual links to each of the locations website for even more info.  Have fun, Be safe and enjoy all New Orleans has to offer in 2013.

Mardi Gras parades and walking krewes starts.

On the weekend starting Friday, January 25 the Mardi Gras parades and walking Krewes begin. Carnivals parade kicks off Friday night with the krewes of Oshun and Cleopatra  rolling through the uptown route. There are quite a few events going on this weekend, so check out the link below for a list of events and start times. I’m sure startup weekend is currently packed so I would recommend getting there early.

Video – Super Bowl and Mardi Gras in New Orleans

Check out this video released from the Associated Press on what New Orleans is calling “Super Gras”!  It kinda gives you an idea on just how crazy things are going to be this year.

Check out the video here!